Ben Hughes is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC number 6048910) and is named on the Specialist Register. He is recognised by all the major medical insurers except BUPA* and also treats self-paying patients.

The fee for an initial consultation is £235.00 and for a follow-up consultation £180.00. If you require treatment or surgery you will be advised of the cost of this in advance. A full list of Mr Hughes' fees is available on request.

Mr Hughes sets his fees independently of the medical insurance companies. Patients are advised to speak to their insurer before they embark upon the process of consultation and treatment in order to be sure that they are adequately covered.

Blood and urine tests are performed at Jersey General Hospital. If these are necessary Mr Hughes will organize them but the hospital will invoice you separately.

Radiological investigations (X-rays, CT scans etc) are provided at Jersey X-ray Services based at the Lido Medical Centre, Hotel de France on St Saviours Road or at the General Hospital. Mr Hughes will arrange these but Jersey X-ray Services will invoice you separately.

Surgery is carried out at Jersey General Hospital. The hospital will send you a separate invoice to cover the cost of the use of the hospital bed, operating theatre, and any pre-operative tests that are required. Should a general anaesthetic be required, then the Consultant Anaesthetist will issue a separate invoice.

*Mr Hughes has not applied for recognition by BUPA due to the conditions they impose on consultants appointed after 2010. However BUPA does allow their customers to have treatment with Mr Hughes. BUPA patients will be asked to settle their account directly with Mr Hughes and will be given a receipt to send to BUPA to claim re-imbursement. For more information about this please contact Gill.